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Mycle - Cargo

Space + Functionality

Get ready to rock your ride with the Mycle Cargo! This bike is all about space-smart design, sporting rear racking that turns every trip into a practical joyride for your stuff. Plus, here's the cool part – you can even deck it out with a couple of kid seats and turn your journey into a family fiesta on wheels! Let the Mycle Cargo rev up your adventure!

Upgrade your cargo with cargo accessories! 


Running up that hill

The bike's power effortlessly conquers uphill terrain. Thanks to the 7-speed Shimano gears, this e-bike becomes your ideal companion, providing that extra push on steep inclines, even when carrying cargo or another adult on the rear.

Ride well with load

Enhance your bike's functionality by adding rear baskets or child seats, allowing the bike to handle the heavy lifting with an impressive maximum pannier load capacity of 125kg. Dive into the Mycle Cargo Accessories Collection to effortlessly personalize your e-bike for everyday life, adding both style and convenience.

Practicality focused

Easily mount and dismount this electric bike using the dual-leg, spring-loaded kickstand, ensuring stability while loading luggage or performing maintenance. Our bike is intentionally equipped with a dual-leg kickstand to minimize the risk of tilting, especially when you have valuable cargo on the rear.


Book a test ride

The best way to find out which bike is for you is to take a spin! 

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