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  • Is the test ride free?
    Yes! All of our test ride is free and can be booked here!
  • What is the delivery time for Synch?
    We aim to deliver all Synch order within two weeks!
  • What is the range for a full battery charge?
    Our electric bikes go pretty far with a full charge! For example: Synch - up to 40 miles C3STROM - up to 45 miles This will vary with assist levels, weight and terrains.
  • What is the maximum speed?
    All of our electric bike has a assisted speed limit of 15.5 mph and is compliant to the UK regulations.
  • 750W Motor
    750W motor powered electric bikes are NOT for use on public highway. These vehicle are only intended to be ridden on private property where it is lawful to use them. 750W E Bikes are also not allowed to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads in the UK. It is customer's responsibility to ensure that 750W electric bicycles are used within all country and local laws.
  • What is the delivery time for C3STROM-ASTRO PRO
    At the moment, C3STROM ASTRO PRO is a pre-order only and we expect stock to arrive in late May to early June!
  • Will the app work with any smartphone operating system?
    Our free C3STROM APP for Android and iOS can be connected to your ASTRO or ASTRO PRO via Bluetooth.
  • What are the features of the app? What aspects of the bike can you control with the APP?
    It can record the riding route being used. It also can display the mileage, error codes and the battery life. These features of the APP truly create an optimal riding experience.
  • How much torque does the motor have and what brand is it?
    The ASTRO PRO has a customized motor with 80N’ m torque. The brand of the motor is BAFANG.
  • How many miles does the battery last for every full charge?
    In the fully charged state, you can ride for about 31 miles using only pure electricity. Distance may vary from rider to rider.Riding in optimal conditions should produce a result of 78 miles.
  • How many charging cycles could the battery last?
    The ASTRO PRO’s battery is designed for about 1000 full-charge battery cycles before reaching 80% of its original capacity.
  •  What kind of brake system do you use?
    The ASTRO and ASTRO PRO is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake system. Hydraulic disk brake systems tend to be more reliable than rim brakes or v-brakes, thus providing a safer riding experience.
  • What are the height and weight limits for riders?
    We adjust the position and size of the cushion to achieve the effect of being suitable for people from five feet to six feet high. The ASTRO and ASTRO PRO Both weigh in at a lean 92 to 94 lbs, and max load capacity is 300 lbs.
  • Will the rear light on the e-bike provide me with alerts? Will it change in brightness when I brake?
    When the display is turned on, the tail light will light up, it also has a brake light function.
  • Will there be mudguards/fenders on the bike?
    Yes, the bike comes equipped with full coverage fenders.
  • Is the ASTRO PRO water resistant?
    Yes, C3STROM is waterproof and the lever has a IP65 waterproof rating.
  • What is the charger’s voltage range?
    The voltage range of the charger is 110 V.
  • Can I monitor the bike’s battery level?
    Yes, the app tracks and learns your daily mileage average and reminds you when it’s time to charge!
  • What kind of motor does the ASTRO PRO use?
    The ASTRO PRO uses a motor with 1000 nominal wattage / 1400 peak wattage.
  • What battery does the ASTRO PRO bike use?
    The ASTRO PRO bike uses a 52V20AH super range battery, which features the latest Samsung 21700 cells combined with a fast 4A charger.
  • Will the bike be shipped fully assembled?
    C3 Motorbike is shipped almost completely assembled. After receiving the goods, you need to assemble the wheels and handlebars yourself, which is very simple.
  • How will the ASTRO PRO be delivered to me and what assembly is required?
    The C3STROM ASTRO PRO will be delivered 90% already assembled, securely packaged in a box which includes the tools and instructions for assembly, so it only requires a final few steps to be completely assembled. There are instructions provided in the package to complete the assembly, as well as an online video to help you with installing the bike. If you don’t have much experience with ebikes and are unsure about the process even after reading the instructions and watching the video, then we recommend you to ask your local bike shop for help.
  • What about spare parts?
    You will be able to purchase replacement parts directly from our online shop, such as a replacement batteries and proprietary components. We designed the ASTRO PRO bike to use standard off the shelf components, so personalisation and repairs can be acquired simply.
  • Is there a maximum speed?
    To be compliant with local regulations, our bikes are restricted according to local laws. For UK customers, we set a speed limit of 15.5mph on the bike as default.
  •  Will an instruction manual be provided?
    An instruction manual will be provided along with the package. You can find video tutorial on our website:
  • Where can I get my bike fixed?
    If you are having issues with your bike, please contact and one of our agent will be there to help!
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