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As a leading electric bike company based in Scotland, Root EV is dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation solutions. We partner with the following initiatives in order to make it easier for you to transition to green commuting: Energy Savings Trust, Cycle Scheme, Cycle Solutions and Green Commute Initiative.

Explore the range of innovative ebikes we offer, find the perfect one for you and join the movement towards a greener future with Root EV.


Energy Saving Trust

interest free loan!

Energy Saving Trust in Scotland offers an interest-free eBike Loan funded by Transport Scotland. It allows you to purchase ebikes, cargo bikes, and adapted cycles. The loan is repayable over four years and monthly payment can be as low as £50! 

Find out more with the link below! 

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How Cycle Scheme works? 


Pick your ebike & Accessories

Pick the right ebike for your need and accessories. 

Book a test ride or watch reviews online to make sure that the bike you are picking meets the criteria. 


Exchanging your eCertificate

Once Cycle to work scheme has received the payment. An eCertificate will then be sent to you. 

You can exchange your eCertification for the gear in store or online! 


Inform your employer

Once you have selected your ebike. Your employer will review your application and pay for your Cycle scheme package.


Choosing ownership option

When your agreement and salary sacrifice ends, Cyclescheme will contact you about the options you have. 

There are options to keep your cyclescheme package at the end of your Hire Agreement. 

Looking to upgrade your ride?

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