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City Explorer AGO T

City Explorer AGO T


The City Explorer AGO T is designed for premium urban comfort and elegance on two wheels, featuring a Gates Carbon Belt Drive and Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub for a smooth, maintenance-free ride.


It’s equipped with an 80 Nm mid-drive motor and a 504 Wh portable battery, offering up to 100 km range. The bike integrates a torque sensor for responsive power assistance and includes hydraulic disc brakes and a lockout fork for safety and comfort. It’s styled for the urban jungle in three colors and is suitable for riders of 165 to 195 cm.



offer a potent combination for e-bikes, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and ride quality. This setup centralizes weight for improved bike balance and handling. Mid-drive systems efficiently use the bike’s gears, optimizing power use and extending range.


Belt drives provide a smoother, quieter ride with less maintenance than chain systems. Hub gears protect the gearing mechanism from the elements, further reducing maintenance needs and offering seamless shifting. This synergy creates a superior cycling experience, particularly for urban and mixed-terrain commuting.

  • Motor*

    Bafang M420 Mid-drive Motor (250 W Power, 80 Nm Max. Torque)

    *The torque output under most urban settings is around 55 Nm. The motor will only use max. torque output to support riding on some extremely complex road surfaces.

  • Sensor

    Integrated Torque Sensor for the Mid-drive Motor

  • Controller

    Integrated Controller for the Mid-drive Motor

  • Display

    TFT LCD Color Display

  • Battery

    36V, 14Ah Lithium-ion Battery with LG Cells

  • Top Speed*

    25 km/h

    *The motor will stop giving assist at the stated top speed. You can still ride beyond the stated top speed with pure muscle power. This limit is set in accordance with local regulations.

  • Range*

    Up to 100 km

    *Actual performance will vary depending on temperature, road conditions, rider's weight, etc.

  • Climbing Ability

    Suitable for Climbing Slopes

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